Services & Equipment
"Picture comes to life at Kantana Digital" With our acclaimed profile and expertise, We have taken a step further by setting up a digital post production Facilities to serve client from all over Asia
Digital Color Grading in a DI Theater 2D/Stereo3D:
  • Grading: DaVinci Resolve

Digital Cinema Package Creation:
  • DVS Clipster

Digital Theater Screening 2D/Stereo3D:
  • Sony SRX-320 4K, Dolby 5.1,7.1

Digital Film Recorder
  • RTI : Imager HSR
  • Cinavation : Cinevator
Online Visual Effect Compositing Suites 2D/Stereo3D:
  • Online I: Autodesk Flame
  • VFX : Autodesk Maya
  • Adobe Creative Suites

Digital SubTitle 2D/Stereo3D:
  • EzTitle

Digital Film Scaner:
  • Blackmagic Design Cintel Scanner

Digital Film Remastering
  • MTI : MTI Correct

500 TB. DVS SAN Storage