Jess Teong's feature debut, THE KID FROM THE BIG APPLE, made waves last year, both critically and commercially, with multiple festival awards and lots of uplifting accounts of audiences universally moved to tears. Jess not only directed but also scripted and art-directed this beautiful story of a grandfather (Hong Kong's renowned action star Ti Lung) and his granddaughter (amazing newcomer Sarah Tan Qin Lin) breaking down culture, language, and generation barriers to bond in ways truly reflective of deep family love. 

Now, this lovely story continues, in BEFORE WE FORGET. The bond is there, the barriers are gone, but will there really be a happily-ever-after future for this endearing family? Ti Lung and Sarah are joined by Ti Lung's real-life son, Shaun Tam, and multiple award-winning Debbie Goh as memories are preserved, new challenges are faced, and what is perhaps the most severe test of all confronts everyone in their circle of concern and love. Kenneth Tan, Chairman of the Singapore Film Society, calls this "the most touching movie you'll see this year".